The Curta Calculator


This film won third place in state in the 2019 Kansas National History Day competition.

The astonishing and unexpected history of the first and only pocket mechanical calculator, which marked the beginning of the personal computer industry.

This film was created for the 2019 National History Day contest, going on to win first place in the district and third in the state.

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A Documentary About the School

Comedy, Documentary

A Documentary About the School follows a clique of high school students through 3 years and gives an inside look at the school system from a student's perspective.

What started as an inside joke involving a few friends and a camera quickly evolved into an interesting experiment and a time capsule of what many consider to be the worst years of our lives.

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Hungry Ghost

Comedy, Drama

A man spirals through his memories to discover who he is and why he's an a-hole, but something startling is uncovered in the process.

This Spalding Gray inspired performance piece, presented as a latent stand-up comedy special, will take you on a bizarre and emotional journey.

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